Design is changing, because technology is changing. Where things like magazines, brochures, and ads used to exist as stand alone pieces, the internet now connects those things together. You read a magazine, go on a website, buy a ticket, attend a concert, socialize with friends, share images, and receive new information about other related things.

Design used to be about the visual aesthetics of those things. Today it’s about thinking a little bigger. How do those things connect? What do we want people to do and how can we serve their needs? In this way, design is also about business strategy, and the way people experience it.



I am a visual, UX (user experience) and brand systems designer. Essentially, I help people think about the bigger picture and convert complex design problems into simple, cohesive and engaging solutions that help facilitate easier and more exhilarating engagement with people, brands and causes.

I hold a BFA in Design from the Kansas City Art Institute and a National Diploma in Graphic Design from Stafford College in the UK. I have 25 years experience designing, consulting with business and non-profits and leading teams in the UK and the US. I’ve held the role of Creative Director, I’m an adjunct professor with the Kansas City Art Institute and often lead workshops on design and design systems. My work has won awards with the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA), Adobe, the Kansas City Art Institute and Graphic Design USA. I am available for freelance, contract, consulting and full-time work.

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Goodwill, Giving the Basics, 5BY5 Engineers, Reconciliation Services, The Kansas City Film Society, DFA (Dairy Farmers of America), The Enterprise Center of Johnson County, JMG Realty, Eisterhold Associates and Verified First.


2017 American Graphic Design Award Winner - DRVO Furniture

2016 American Graphic Design Award Winner - Reconciliation Services Brand Identity

2016 American Graphic Design Award Winner - Kansas City Film Society Brand Identity

AIGA A7 Winner

2011 Marcia Lausen Award for outstanding social/ethical awareness and advocacy through design.

2010 Implementation Award - Design Ignites Change and Adobe.