A New Showreel

I've completed a lot of work to date and had the privilege of working with some great clients. Here's a new reel of work that shows something of the breadth of my design work spanning 4 years. 

Branding, Strategy and Design Systems from 2012 - 2018. Work includes Reconciliation Services branding, email marketing, environmental and event graphics, social media and design for Troost Jazz & Soul; Giving the Basics branding, annual campaign strategy and design, landing page/email/social/direct mail design; Verified First branding, environmental graphics and web design; Enterprise Center of Johnson County branding, web design and environmental design; Ignatian Spirituality Center web design, email marketing and annual campaign design and implementation; SCPX (Student Church Planting Experience) branding and video creation, and environmental graphic design for the Dairy Farmers of America.


For the last nine months I've been working with Giving the Basics to refine their brand message and logo. The new tagline I came up with, 'eliminate the gap' speaks to Teresa's desire to really stop the problem that so many struggling families across America are experiencing - they cannot get needed hygiene products on their food stamps.

Giving the Basics' distribution operates out of the underground caves in Kansas City.

Giving the Basics' distribution operates out of the underground caves in Kansas City.

Teresa and her team are featured in an awesome article in this week's Kansas City Star. Check it out!

Current web design trends for start-ups?

Need to increase productivity and growth of your start-up business by improving your digital literacy? Join me and two experts Kevin Oldham, CEO with Diffactory and Mike Richardson, Managing Partner with Hidden Street Ventures in a lively panel discussion this Thursday Feb 15. You'll learn how to optimize content on your website and best deliver your brand. Networking starts at 5pm. Speakers start at 5:30pm. Sponsored by Velocity Lee's Summit and hosted by Contra Software. Food and beverage provided.

Register here.

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Our New Co-Working Space for Kansas City

I've recently begun working part time at a new co-working space in the downtown Kansas City Crossroads area. The wework building is home to a lot of entrepreneurs! I’m very excited to be here, the people are great, the space is fabulous and it's awesome to be immersed in a community of creative thinkers. Watch this space!

A New Site for this Non-Profit Gives Them Their Biggest Year Yet!

I recently took a 28 page website for the Ignatian Spirituality Center here in Kansas City, down to 4 pages, re-launched it with a clearer connection to their CRM and with a little social media advertising of their programs, they've had their biggest year yet! 

The site features a homepage that clearly states what they offer, what you need to do to get on board and what their programs will do for you. Check out their site here.

Brand new logo for Chicken Footstools!

I've just completed our rebrand of the City Girl Farm in Westport, Kansas City. I designed Sally's new logo mark to reflect her vision for a prosperous community of artisans creating together for the good of the world. Helping Sally determine her brand language (vision, mission, values etc) prior to designing the logo was an extremely rewarding journey. Through her work and the involvement of her own community of people or 'chickeners' as she calls them (individuals who congregate to make these amazing footstools) each one gets to slow down, enjoy the 'making' moments and experience delight in working with their hands and with others. Be sure to check out her work.

Marketing and Branding Go Together

When creating brands, I always think long term and help my clients develop marketing or communication solutions that help get their message out and get it out in ways that serve their audience, meet their needs and treat them like they are the hero of the story. For Matt Burk Music Studio I developed a writing and photo rubric that helps his staff shoot pictures of their students, telling their stories of struggle and success. Over time, this builds a vibrant community of hard work, creativity and innovation. Oh, and I wrote the bios of the teachers in the same way, telling their stories of struggle and success too. The rubrics and communication plan help the staff shoot and post on particular days so communication is built consistently and kept on brand point.

The Instagram feed automatically fires pictures to the website sending potential clients there to engage the brand.

The Instagram feed automatically fires pictures to the website sending potential clients there to engage the brand.

Brand Resiliency Workshop

This month I’m excited to be hosting another workshop with the Enterprise Center of Johnson County. They're situated in Fairway on the west side of the Plaza in Kansas City. This time I'll be looking at ways your brand can be more resilient in today's market place and because I’m a designer, I’ll be looking at the design of your brand and specifically how it relates to your audience. Join me on Wednesday August 31st at 11am! You can register here.

The Logo is not the Identity

"Everything on the page contributes to the visual identity. Every ingredient requires a conscious decision and should be infused with the essence and personality you wish to communicate to the audience." —Stefanie Weigler, Triboro

It's a common misunderstanding that in design a logo alone will communicate everything about your business or product and any other material is to be treated as separate. As Stefanie points out in this brilliant quote, anything that is designed and put out by a company is part of the overall personality and it should all tell the same story. Yes, fonts, colors, and verbal narrative included!

Teaching Information Architecture

Information Architecture is one of my favorite subjects: understanding how to use design to organize information in ways that appeal to and engage the user. It's a big subject and a complex one, especially when we're bombarded with so much information on a daily basis. How can design help make things simple but also create engagement? This class I’m teaching at the Kansas City Art Institute Graphic Design studio explores the above questions and seeks to answer them in the design of three projects: a website redesign, a website showcasing a collection of objects and the design of a mobile application for a museum.

KC Design Week is coming!

I’m excited for KC Design Week coming up April 7-16, 2016. It's always a great opportunity to see what's going on locally and nationally and what's new and upcoming in the world of design and creative thinking :) Woo hoo for Design Week in Kansas City!


How Can Brand Experience Be Used to Draw People to Libraries?

Good brand identity, a vibrant brand culture and unique brand experience have the potential to stimulate and engage people in many different ways, and that's true for libraries too. On October 9th I’m facilitating a Brand Experience Workshop with the Southwest Kansas Library System in Dodge City, KS to look at new ways to stimulate and engage a 21st century audience in the heart of America. More information here.

How We Build Brands

As we've rebranded businesses over the years and been asked to overhaul their digital and analog marketing there's one major mistake that always shows up: the assets (website, brochures, animations etc) were never built on the company essence, brand position or even with the target market in mind. What we end up doing is going back to the beginning, streamlining all the company information in order to find the unique, compelling essence then begin design. The result? More compelling graphics and design that is unique and more meaningful. This is the process we use in creating brands:

Visual Concepts Are More Intriguing For Marketing

It's easy to communicate to your customers with a cool image, a flashy animation or a fancy bit of verbiage. Problem is, in today's saturated market, images are in the billions, animations are too and text isn't read much anymore.

In our brand identity design process with Reconciliation Services we discovered their core concept was 'hidden and revealed.' These guys work hard on Troost Avenue in Kansas City with individuals needing emergency services and their belief is these people are not just affected by suffering and poverty, they actually have great dignity which RS empower them to see and live out. It is their inner strength which is waiting to be revealed.

Every piece we designed for RS embodies the concept of 'hidden and revealed'. Wether it is a brochure, sign, web page or business card, the public will be shown one thing, then something else will be revealed after that: 'hidden and revealed.' For their donor brochure, we chose a gatefold design which begins with their case statement, which then opens to their logo, vision and mission, and then opens to client stories of change.


In summary, the visual concept dictates the kind of asset needed to communicate the brand and what that asset should look and behave like. So design isn't, "oh I need a Wordpress site or an iPhone app, because that's where the money is," we are instead forced to ask why we will create a particular thing because we're looking to communicate a particular way. The RS concept is 'hidden and revealed' therefore all their communications pieces should convey hidden and revealed in the way their customers interact with them.

To see the full project go here.