The problem with design today

These days it's easy to create graphics, shoot photographs or write a blog, but not all of it gets noticed. Often you'll see convoluted branding, a lack of repeat business or confusing presentations by start ups and from a design perspective, we see two reasons for this:

1. the content does not speak to the users desires, needs, struggles and aspirations
2. the design isn't made with that in mind

The enemy here is an old one. It's ego: too much focus on us and what we want and not enough research and question asking of our audience and then designing with that in mind.

We all want to show what we do, how great our product or service is and how great we are but customers are never interested in that. They're interested in why. Why does what you have matter to me? All those thousands of people that showed up to Martin Luther King's speeches didn't show up for him, they showed up because they believed the same as he did (Simon Sinek makes this point). If we can tap into our customers 'why' when we design then we will communicate in a way that connects deeply to our audience.