The Ignatian Spirituality Center

The Ignatian Spirituality Center in Kansas City has been in existence since the late 1980s but their website had become confusing to navigate and the design was more brochure style, rather than lead generating. They came to us with the desire to promote the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola in a more effective way. We took time to dig deep with the Center finding out history, background and vision then took the site down from 28 pages to 4 with a more refined navigation system, centering the visual language on the concept of 'journey'. We have not rebranded the Center yet but merely helped them refocus their marketing via their website. Since the site launched we have used social media to drive all traffic to the site where people can easily sign up for events and programs. 2017 has been the biggest year for the Center to date with the highest number of people signing up to take the Exercises.