Lawncorps approached us in 2014 to help them get their message out to more people in the Kansas City Metro area. As we took a dive into their database and conducted some research on their customers we found that most were only using them for yard waste pickup and the people buying mulch from them at the farm were coming in from referral so most of their yard waste customers didn't know that they were turning their waste into mulch and selling it. We refined Lawn-Corps' website to get ready for more orders making the product line simple to get to and navigate around from the home page and then sent out a simple card detailing their incredible green recycling story and included one with every new bill that went out. Subsequently, yard waste pickup customers began showing up at the farm to buy mulch saying, "we just didn't know you did this!" Using the story, some key photographs and a few online short films we developed a simple communication strategy that slowly increased the subscriber base and in 2014 Lawncorps' business grew by over 12%.