Matt Burk Music Studio

Over the last few years we have assisted Matt Burk Music Studio in Allen, TX in repositioning their brand for new markets. Originally they had built their own website which came in at about 28 pages. The format was information heavy and used a lot of technical language to communicate products and services. In our work to turn the site into a lead generator—one that would essentially fulfill the need of the parent to sign up for lessons—we stripped out much of the content and built new language around more of a story framework i.e. the individual doesn't feel like he can make it in music, Matt has a plan to help him succeed and yes, he can realize his dreams in music. This positive storyline helped us build a much more strategic home page when the browser is drawn into an 'I can' story and eventually wants to 'get lessons.' Since launching the site Matt has been able to fill many of his empty spots and hire in more teachers to build towards opening more locations.