Reconciliation Services in Kansas City approached us to rebrand their organization in 2015. Their brand was dated and we would later find that their logo (a tree divided into one side black and one white) was not a good depiction of their values or vision. RS work with individuals on 31st and Troost who have fallen through the cracks of government services, people who can't find help anywhere else. Their philosophy is that these individuals though suffering poverty and trauma are not without inner strength, that poverty is not an indication of character and if they are treated with respect and dignity, their hidden strength would become revealed. The new logo therefore is a slow reveal of something hidden and we redesigned their website to house a collection of stories of these beautiful people that have found their inner strength through participating in some of RS's programs. Additional strategy for RS included pushing these stories out twice per month on email with events and donor incentives included which with snippets of the same content going out on social media, created a community of people connected to their message twice the size of when we started. This project won a 2016 national award with Graphic Design USA in the Brand Identity Design category. Click on MB Creative in the winners listed here.